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At Florison Dental clinic, we focus on providing clients with the best experience during each visit. We offer both routine and Cosmetic Dentistry in the heart of Dubai. We have a friendly team of dentists, orthodontists who provide treatments in a clean and comfortable environment.

Family owned dental clinic

Floraison Dental Clinic, a trusted family dental practice based in Dubai, is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of dental services at highly affordable prices. Our clinic specializes in cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontic and general dental treatments, catering to the unique needs of patients of all ages. Our primary objective is to provide you with exceptional service, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We strive to deliver the highest quality of care, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies in the field of dentistry. At Florison Dental Clinic, our team is committed to surpassing your expectations and ensuring your oral health and well-being are at their best.

Some of our qualities

Experience and Expertise
Our team has a track record of providing quality care and has the necessary qualifications, certifications, and ongoing education to stay updated with the latest advancements in dentistry.
Clinical Well-being and Comfort
A clean and well-maintained clinic creates a welcoming atmosphere and promotes a sense of comfort for patients. Our clinic ambiance can help to alleviate patient anxiety and create a more relaxed environment.
State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology
Floraison Dental clinic is equipped with modern dental technologies and amenities. Advanced equipment can enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and comfort of various dental procedures.
Patient-Centered Approach
As a family dental clinic , we prioritize patient care and well-being. We listen to your concerns, address your questions, and involve you in the decision-making process regarding your family's dental health.
Our Services

Treatments we offer

We provide a comprehensive set of dental treatments to make sure your dental health and smile is at its best.

  • Whitening
    Orthodontic treatment - Braces, Invisalign aligners, smile correction
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Extractions including surgical extractions
    Root Canal Treatment

Need help finding the right treatment for you?

We can help assess your dental needs and suggest the right treatment for you. To get started, book a consultation with us.
Our Faculty

Meet the team

Our dentists and other experts put your needs first by putting you in full control of your oral hygiene by showing images and providing a detailed explanation of your dental needs. We provide treatments you fully understand with a very preventive approach to ensure your teeth and treatments last longer. Our dentists will explain your options and help you choose the treatment plan that best suits your condition

Why Choose Us

The Floraison DNA

Floraison has a unique approach to dentistry, which makes us special and exclusive to our customers. We have given some of the reasons why you should choose Florian.

Service Excellence and Technology
Affordability & Flexbile payment options
Clinical Wellbeing and Comfort
Convenience and Ambience
In-depth consultations & discussions
Experienced staffs

We provide hassle-free
consultations for you

We are always devoted to securing your appointments as early as possible so that you don’t have to take the pain for long. We also provide service on the same day of booking for emergency cases.


Affordable Prices

As a family dental clinic, Florison Dental clinic offers cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatment services at very affordable prices in Dubai


Faster Appointments

As a family dental clinic, Florison Dental clinic offers cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatment services at very affordable prices in Dubai


Payment Options

We at Florison Dental clinic accept various payments methods for the treatment to provide convenience to the patients.

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We follow up a comprehensive approach to the consultations we recieve in order to determine the best possible treatment for our clients.

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Common queries
and answers

It is very essential to visit the dentist every six months so that any early stage of tooth decay can be detected and healed using fillings, untreated for a long period can lead to damage to the nerve and require treatment such as RCT or extraction.

Indeed, as long as you follow dentist-approved treatments, teeth whitening is safe. Use medications that are safe and consult your dentist before using them.

Dental Implant is a safe tooth replacement treatment and, in most cases, treatment is successful when performed by qualified dental professionals.

Regular scaling advised 6 monthly and it is normally not painful. It can be a bit sensitive and uncomfortable but the patient can have an anaesthetic or numbing gel option.

Taking appointment will allow our dentist to ensure that we have ample amount of time to discuss treatment with the patient and to make sure we serve our patient relaxed treatment experience. But we do accept walk in patient as well without compromising on service and care.